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In a Perfect World: Former Guantanamo Bay detainees shuffle along toward their brand new facilities relocated to the Supreme Court parking garage.

It’s easy to hate Bush because he’s not going to come and behead you.
-Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Somali-born former member of the Dutch parliament and author of Infidel

It's official: the lunatic fringe has now gone mainstream.

Perhaps I'm just being played by the choose-your-own-conjecture media, but doesn't it at times appear that half the country has gone completely bonkers? Often I wonder who it is all these Bush-haters are going to continue to hate come January 2009. Does anyone really believe that it's going to be Happy Days Are Here Again for this sad bunch when George W. leaves office after eight years without having instigated a military coup or snooping into the public library records to find out the home addresses of everyone who checked out Clueless George Goes to War?

Don't laugh, that's a real book. Sample a few of the rave (as in stark raving mad) reviews on Amazon:
...as an amusing little book about our idiot-in-chief, it is really rather poignant because it is all too true. You end up actually feeling sorry for Dumbya...if you detest the imposter in the White House as much as the rest of the US of A seems to, you will enjoy this mightily; I bought multiple copies to give to friends and relatives.

I loved it! This little book may do to George W what Uncle Tom's Cabin did to slavery!

...Only extremist radical right-wing nuts who confuse dissent with disloyalty will hate it.

This light-hearted book can really tell the truth in a great way. It should be required bedtime reading for people of all ages to keep reminding us how gullible and easily manipulated people can be.

Superb. It offers the Occam's Razor for the Iraq invasion debacle. I totally believe it's [sic] portrayal of the manipulation of George. One hopes the book will be irrelevant soon, alas, in at least two years.
For anyone not familiar with Occam's Razor, it is the philosophical precept that simple explanations are preferable to more complicated ones, in that the simplest explanation is the more likely of the two. It's also the razor that so many of Generation Y Bother use to shave their cojones while they rationalize away their lack of personal involvement in our vital generational struggle.

No, I'm not hauling out the tired chickenhawk canard again; that raggedy old bird has flown the coop. But I've noticed a trend among people who persist in calling for a return to the draft -- they always seem to be well past service age. How very expedient. Funny, you don't see too many of these placards being hoisted on college campuses these days:

Hell no, we won't go! (Unless you ask us nicely)

What these conscription artists fail to realize is that contrary to popular belief, the military draft is still very much alive. The only difference is that since 1973 it's been entirely optional. No longer do you have to flee to Canada or pursue a PhD in tribal linguistics or marry your sister's best friend to sidestep a centuries-old tradition that our grandfathers waited in Playstation 3-size lines to volunteer for. In other words, if you're one who thinks it such a wonderful idea, then go right ahead. Vote with your feet and draft yourself silly.

This reminds me of those people who write gung ho letters to the editor about how willing they would be to pay higher taxes if only the administration would just ask them for the sacrifice. Well, as luck would have it I do believe I can act as a facilitator. Please forward all charitable tax monies to:

Income Rationing
c/o Buck Sargent
Rightwing War Pawns
Ft. Richardson, AK 99505

Before you head off searching for your checkbook, allow me to direct your attention to the Coalition to Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, aka International A.N.S.W.E.R. They're typically the ones that organize those perennial D.C. protest marches that draw tens of thousands of people unless of course it's cold out and then they're not feeling it so much. Well, apparently it was formed within three days of 9/11 by none other than Ramsey Clark, aka Saddam's stellar lawyer, aka LBJ's attorney general, aka world class dirtbag.

Three days.

We didn't even know yet how many thousands had perished at Ground Zero and already they were calling for preemptive surrender. Okay, so these Men From (Cry) U.N.C.L.E. have all the answers. Remind me again what the question was?

I realize that old school media loves to overhype antiwar protests because they remind them of their own dazed and confused youth, their shaggy sideburns and discarded bellbottoms and flaming draft cards... ah, reminiscing can be such sweet sorrow. But back to reality: serious antiwar sentiment this time around is about as prevalent as was opposition to the Second Boer War. (Don't feel bad, I had to look it up too). In that sense, Iraq could be considered the Second Bored War (after Afghanistan) in that a sizable percentage of the public is simply tired of having to hear about it. Never mind battle stress, they've got a serious case of frontpage fatigue, people!

But I'm starting to get the sense it's no longer just the cuckoo for cocopuff crazies who are getting down with the sickness. Take this blurb from an Associated Press story covering the latest antiwar march on Washington:
Retired Marine Jeff Carroll, 47, an electrician in Milton, Del., held a sign saying: "Proud of our soldiers, ashamed of our president." Carroll said he served in Lebanon when the Marine barracks was bombed in a deadly attack in 1983, and thinks the U.S. should be focusing on Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden instead of Iraq. "We're fighting the wrong country."
Well shouldn't we have started with the Lebanese then, Jeff? (If this is to be believed, it may actually come to that). But I'd like to assume Jeff to be an otherwise rational fellow, and as things currently stand the reason why not is precisely the same reason we can't possibly be "fighting the wrong country." We're not fighting a country at all. Thanks to us, Iraq and Afghanistan both now have friendly representative governments that furnish (somewhat) uniformed armies that are fighting alongside us. Precisely what it is we're still battling is a viral ideological movement that has no borders and no territory other than where we allow it to operate due to our own political vacillation.

But what I really cannot believe is that there are still so many Americans out there that fail to grasp this crucial distinction. I blame the public education system. Naturally, they blame Bush:
[The President] makes me literally ill. the bile is rising up in my stomach as we speak....I wish I could race into [his] office and vomit all over his face. I wish I could stand over him and puke and gag and wretch until nothing but the last nasty drop of yellowish green bile runs down his ugly hate filled face, off his chin and down over his suit. [h/t: Best of the Web Today]
Am I alone in thinking this Anyone But Bush bile that courses through their veins is the only thing keeping people like this alive?

As Victor Davis Hanson notes, "both Republican and Democratic administrations did not reply forcibly to a series of terrorist attacks, from the 1983 Marine barracks murdering in Lebanon to the 2000 ramming of the USS Cole. That forbearance sent a message to bin Laden that there would likely be few, if any, real consequences, should he escalate his attacks."

All this talk of realists and idealists, corporate pawns and neodecepticons... I think what we really need is a new realism (you know, one that's actually "realistic"), grounded in principles acknowledging that Islam is not only at war with the West and its secularist values, but also at war with itself. And this new realism should be dedicated to siding with every struggling Muslim nation or community that chooses liberty for its people over submission to Islam’s worst impulses.

Or we can just continue to ignore the problem and allow a tiny segment of the American populace to handle our dirty business on foreign soil so that we don't have to think about it anymore. Just as long as we don't read the papers or surf the web or watch the news or suffer the Oscars.

Congressional Big Shtick Redeploymacy aside, the Democratic poll weevils are doing cartwheels trying to keep current with public opinion on the shifting sands of the war. The big D frontrunner has changed her position more frequently than her husband-in-name-only used to bite his lower lip, drop his drawers, and sexually assault unsuspecting cigars. One week she's loudly proclaiming that she'll be signing the withdrawal orders at the inaugural and the next she's patiently explaining that we can't afford to turn our backs on Iraq lest the terrorists win. The Democrats haven't had such a flip-flopping candidate since, well, since their last presidential candidate. But I digress... and apparently I'm not alone.

Liberal candidates have always been known to be wishy-washy fence riders, but tossing scraps over the Bastille wall rarely makes good political sense. I'd offer that if this keeps this up the Democratic base are going to lose their minds, but I think we're well beyond that point. That bridge over the river nuts was crossed long ago and then just as quickly blown up. Like Jesse Ventura in Predator, they ain't got time to slow bleed.

What do we want? Strategic redeployment!
When do we want it? Yesterday!

What can we expect them to get? Crazier!

And not like a Fox.

As usual you are such a realist...100% right on. The brain washing institutions (AKA schools) once taught students to think for themselves and to learn truth about many subjects. Now they teach "students" how not to think for themselves but to spew out the propaganda taught by their professors and their revised history books. They graduate little hate America robots. Our Education system has become the equivalent of the Islamic madras, only secular. A cruel thing to say? Not when practically speaking it is bringing our country down. We have no leaders. This system produces no leaders...no Winston Churchills, no men or women who know what victory means and what it takes to gain it. If you can find 5 out of 10 people who can carry on a rational, realistic conversation during the course of a day...you are lucky. You may have underestimated, Buck. And the Media spits out the very same propaganda as the schools. A double whammy! Well, the problem is obvious...the solution takes people like you, Buck Sargent, who can still think for themselves and have the talent to write and speak the truth. But the brainwashed mind is a difficult audience. Hopefully many in this country are still free thinkers...maybe because they have missed out on the "blessing" of education or because they had a strong foundation before entering the system and are unshakable. Thanks for all you are doing to bring victory for Western Civilization. We shall never give up! Losing is not an option when EVERYTHING is at stake.

What A&N said!!! I'm not sure I'll survive if the Left gets any crazier. They make ME crazy now. With the success of the GOE in DC Saturday, I'm feeling a bit more optimistic that we're not the only ones who've reached our limits of tolerance and just maybe we can take our Country back.

In answer to the anonymous commentor above, I wish to say that there are a huge group of people here in the USA that are indeed free thinkers. I am one of those, and I know many others. The problem we face is not a lack of numbers, but a lack of organizers who can bring this huge mass together in some cohesive manner. We have the thinkers such as Buck Sargent, Charles Johnson, Michelle Malkin, Fjordman, and others. Each have a growing following, but as of now, it's only words, thoughts, and opinions in the blogosphere. If any true results are to come of all this, then there will have to be real boots put on real ground in order to turn this lunacy around. Who? I don't know. Where? I don't know. When? I don't know. I do believe that, as has always happened before in history, someone, someday will stand up and we will know him when we see him.

Spot on, to the second anonymous in particular. It's time we gave the lunatics a bit of their own medicine back.

Don't expect much help from the media though, they are lazy and not interested in doing their jobs.

Post me a note when you figure out how to tell somebody from the nebulous majority of the "Left". Please note - everybody is left of fascists. You might consider that an unsolicited political analysis.
Also : the "Left Wing Media" owned by international corporations...doesn't sound terribly likely on the face of it.

You have a few things that I agree with, and others I can't quite. You're absolutely right that this war doesn't have anywhere near the level of support that previous ones did, and most of the American public barely realizes it's going on. I was watching a kid the other day, and threw on some of my old-style cartoons. Her: "What's a liberty bond?" Me: "That's something Americans did a long time ago when people used to sacrifice for their country." Yeah, maybe a little bitter, but still called for, imho. A while back, people had to worry about people lying about their age to get into the Army-a piece of paper with the writing '16' stuffed in the boots meant you were 'over 16', etc.

The thing is, though, I'm not sure that Iraq is that kind of war. Of course I fight it, I'm in the Army and it's my job. But if I had my druthers, I'm not sure I'd be about fighting a war which will continue until the politicians get it together. And I know there are a lot of people like me-not crazy leftist hippies, but people with real jobs who didn't burn out on drugs, but are unhappy with how things are going.

I don't like Bush very much either, though I'm not sure I dislike him enough to waste time and money buying books about how much I don't like him. But I don't think he takes personal responsibility for his command decisions, and I don't like how he urged the Armed Services Committee not to raise the amount of money we received for our GI Bill, because it would "hurt retention", in that too many soldiers would get out and use it. I don't think that makes me a crazy person, or having hate running through my veins. But I would be turning cartwheels if we got a President I could be proud of. Personally, I'm hoping for a vet.

Oh, also, on Clinton? You don't have to worry about her anymore. Did you hear about her crying? It's all over-the fat lady has sung. Or again, in this case, wept crocodile tears that I desperately hope will backfire.

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