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Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.
-Adlai Stevenson

No one is more professional than I.
-First stanza of the NCO Creed

When Prussian militarist Baron von Steuben spelled out the role of the noncommissioned officer in his now-famous Blue Book, he insisted that training was the prerogative of officers. But in practice it was the tiny cadre of NCOs he coached at Valley Forge who actually trained the Continental Army. And thus, professional NCOs have continued to take the lead in the training of the United States Army ever since.

As the colonies rebelled against English rule, it was natural for them to establish a new American army that copied the European military system. The British still had officers who were parochially selected from the ranks of the blue-blood aristocracy; hence, military training or education were not required and often not displayed. Initially, their American counterparts were duly selected from the landholding class.

Nevertheless, advanced military tactics had made it necessary to have soldiers with some formal education who could organize and coordinate thousands of troops to maintain complex formations allowing for continuous fire and forward movement. Patrician officers were clearly not the men for this job. To make the configurations work required scores of leaders skilled in math and troop movement. Sergeants and corporals were these new men. The rank distinctions developed over time and became fully established by the mid-eighteenth century--perfect timing for the hatching American NCO corps.

After Rudyard Kipling labeled NCOs the "backbone of the army" in an 1895 poem about British sergeants in India, the American Army adopted the term almost immediately. It symbolized a variety of attributes, the most important of which were the training and leading of soldiers.

Nowhere has this lineage been more prevalent than in the current rebirth of the Iraqi Army. Many criticized the alleged "foolhardy" decision to disband the old regime at the outset of the invasion, yet they clearly misunderstood the need. The old Iraqi Army was composed mainly of Shiia draftees led by a ruling elite of Sunni Baath Party apparatchiks beholden entirely to Saddam Hussein’s largesse. While the draftees were motivated to serve predominantly by their desire not to be executed for their refusal--the officers were driven purely by greed, personal wealth and status. Not the best combination for a professional military.

Noncoms were nonexistent in Saddam's army, and for good reason. They would have posed a threat to the absolute authority and privilege of the officer class; they would have professionalized and organized the Iraqi Army to modern standards; and they would have eventually led the charge as they turned against their slavemasters. It is thus essential for the new Iraqi Army to be given time to develop properly, and be trained to an acceptable standard for a fledgling force to defend not only it’s country, but also itself as a stable and enduring institution.

Iraqis will be proud of their own country once they finally have something to be proud of, and their new army is poised to fit the bill nicely. The old guard was malignant with corruption and depravity. It was never trusted and always feared. But with every passing day, American NCOs are providing the impetus to remake the Iraqi soldiers in their own image. It's hard to go wrong with the most powerful and well trained army in the history of the world as your model. Special Forces teams are working with them one-on-one, and infantry platoons such as my own patrol with them daily; leading by example, displaying how a professional military looks and acts, and especially how it does not.

Yet still the negativity and defeatism across the world for their brave endeavor has been steadily rising. Has love of country really become so passé; an outmoded idealism not even worth teaching American children, much less young Iraqi ones? Samuel Johnson called patriotism "the last refuge of a scoundrel," though perhaps in lieu of modern times it merely stands as the last vestige of a dying breed: that of the American retrosexual male.

A retrosexual-American is a throwback to an earlier time when values were not subjective and the meaning of "is" was never in question. The American NCO has always exemplified these archaic traits and hopefully will continue to pass the torch to generations of citizen-soldiers to follow. It is in this vein that I submit to you:


A Retro NCO...
  • longs for a professional army to fight again
  • has actually read the document he swore an oath to defend
  • can remember when there weren’t so many sh**bags in the Army
  • has a spine of tempered steel
  • can play a “butter bar” lieutenant like a finely tuned piano
  • can operate in the dark just fine without his NODs
  • knows when to flip out and when to let it ride
  • can take an ass chewing
  • thinks Fox News is still way too liberal
  • would sign a waiver to be allowed to deploy without body armor
  • would rather be on the frontlines than in a chow line
  • has wet dreams of leading an assault on Pakistan
  • still doesn’t trust the Russians any more than he likes the French
  • knows when it is necessary to be tactical and when it is not
  • wouldn’t even know how to be politically correct
  • believes there are some things in life worth dying for
  • thinks "VBIED" is a silly way of saying "car bomb"
  • could still pass the APFT with two broken legs and a hangover
  • doesn’t bring his work home with him
  • is still waiting for John Kerry to apologize for 1971
  • still recalls how to use a buffer, just chooses not to
  • is half deaf before age thirty
  • recognizes that the backbone ends just above the tailbone
  • doesn’t feel the Army should need to advertise
  • knows that a lone gunman could easily have killed Kennedy from that range
  • is proud of being Airborne, but honestly doesn’t mind driving to the objective
  • has no idea what the hell a "stress card" looks like
  • would like to buy John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Bruce Willis a beer, in that order
  • doesn’t feel that AAFES really needs a commander
  • can still remember when homosexuality wasn’t considered a "lifestyle choice"
  • is still waiting for an accurate Hollywood portrayal of his war
  • believes that individual discipline is knowing when to speak up and when to shut your mouth
  • thinks the beret should only be worn with the dress uniform
  • has never brought cologne on a deployment
  • doesn’t require a clearing barrel to safely unload his weapon
  • could fit all his toiletries inside his weapons cleaning kit
  • would prefer a café au lait colonic to talking about his feelings
  • still thinks it would be cool to ride a horse into battle
  • believes the Second Amendment exists to safeguard the First
  • won’t even bother to write it down if it’s too long to fit on one page
  • has a love/hate relationship with Uncle Sam
  • will never be able to forget the name of his drill sergeant
  • laments the Kinder, Gentler Army
  • thinks that the media should want their country to win
  • knows that 20 percent of any group does 80 percent of the real work
  • will always be part of the 20 percent
  • realizes that you may have to fight a battle more than once in order to win it
  • believes that “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” works just fine the way it is
  • thinks Custer would have been better off if he had listened to his sergeants
  • trusts in God, but sometimes thinks He sucks at his job
  • can go months without drinking any water
  • believes that gun control is what you learn at the range
  • knows that trust is a two-way street with no crosswalks
  • knows that men and women are different for a reason
  • believes that “peace” and “victory” have more in common than a two-fingered salute
  • won’t take any crap from those who haven’t been there and haven’t done that
  • knows that garrison and combat are two completely different environments, and should be treated as such
  • thinks that the best way to support the troops in wartime is to support their war.
  • agrees that nothing compares to being shot at and missed
  • thinks that formal Op Orders are a waste of time
  • isn’t afraid to be cold, but would prefer not to be
  • can always suck it up and drive on
  • doesn’t make excuses for his failures
  • keeps his word
  • at least feels bad when he doesn‘t
  • would donate a testicle for five minutes alone with bin Laden
  • knows more about his fellow soldiers than their own wives
  • can sleep anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances
  • knows whose fault it is when his soldiers are screwed up
  • believes that when the going gets tough, the tough reload
  • believes that there’s only one true thief in the Army -- everyone else is just trying to get their stuff back
  • would still rather be tried by twelve than carried by six
  • recognizes that our forefathers had it much worse
  • would rather live in Red China than the People’s Republic of California
  • has nightmares about even the possibility of a Commander-in-Chief Hillary.
  • avoids parade grounds like the plague
  • will revel in the supreme irony when all self-righteous nonsmokers get cell phone brain tumors
  • can be found reading gun mags on the crapper
  • thinks that the Army of One is precisely what’s wrong with the Army
  • knows when to back up and when to jack up his soldiers
  • knows that even the best laid plans will never survive first contact
  • believes in working smarter, not harder
  • despises feminists only slightly less than communists
  • would rather have protestors sign a check on his behalf than a petition
  • knows that guns don’t kill people, people kill people; though bullets sure help
  • knows that only politicians can lose an American war
  • believes that the MSM and the ALQ often share the same goals
  • agrees with Einstein that as long as there are men there will be wars
  • still feels that the Road Map to Peace in the Middle East runs straight through Baghdad
  • knows that friendly fire is not his friend
  • thinks the UN should mind it’s own damn business
  • doesn’t air his gripes in the pages of Stars and Stripes
  • thinks that near-beer in a combat zone is a poor substitute
  • believes God made men equal, but Sam Colt keeps them that way
  • is disgusted by slothful civilians, but can’t wait to be one again
  • doesn’t need a Garmin GPS to orient his moral compass
  • knows that things could always be worse
  • understands the fine line between stealing and "aquiring"
  • periodically wishes he had been a pilot instead
  • knows that if it’s wrong but it works--it ain't wrong
  • could survive on coffee and tobacco alone
  • knows that preparing for war is essential to peace
  • still thinks the M9 Beretta is a useless piece of crap
  • would take a Ma Deuce, M14 or 1911 over a NATO-chambered weapon any day of the week
  • owns enough spare uniforms, pouches and polypro to open his own surplus store
  • believes a Purple Heart is really just an Enemy Marksmanship Badge
  • will open an MRE only when all his pogey bait is gone
  • will always lament not “seeing more action
  • has never met an old WWII veteran who wished he'd been shot at more
  • can always be found smoking, joking, and bunking with the troops
  • would still like to go mano a mano with Janet Reno
  • knows that the surest way to get the show on the road is to light up a cigarette
  • agrees that "because it’s cool" is a perfectly good reason to own a .50 cal. BMG long rifle
  • still believes that we could have taken Hanoi
  • knows how to make a good cup of coffee
  • never blames poor marksmanship on his weapon or his optics
  • believes that cold beer and a warm woman will always be good motivators
  • will never cry retreat or sound the surrender
  • knows that early withdrawal is as foolish on the battlefield as it is in the bedroom
  • knows that women will choose a retro over a metro when they realize they need a man for more than holding their purse
  • believes the only thing more irritating than an armchair general is a retired one
  • knows that lousy leaders will always blame it on having lousy soldiers

Holy crap that was a long list.


AND We need more NCO Soldiers just like this!!

Great post!

That's just what my mustang Major Dad taught me (WWII Army Air Corps)...
Robin (former AF Reserve Capt.)

Now THAT's a man!

I am proud to have three serving in my unit.


Salty dogs, every one.

Keep shooting the sub-MOA groups in the 10 ring!! Great posting!


'nuff said.

As someone who never served, all I can say is "Thank you!" for doing what you do for us.

Dang! I agree with most of your list. Why am I a 65 yr old civilian female?

Enjoyed this one, thanks! ...and a huge thank you for the hard work y'all do for all of us! We're forever grateful.


Excellent post. I hope you don't mind, but I've posted my favorites items from the list here: http://consul-at-arms.blogspot.com/2005/12/re-credo-of-retro-nco.html

If that's in any way a problem I will remove them.

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As a female who finally found her liberation from the dreadful equalization movment, all I can say is:
Thank God for creating such men!

(I have goosebumbs just thinking about what you wrote)

Opps, in the excitement I meant to say 'goosebumps'

Damn! But that was a long drink of cool water!
A grateful Yankee residing in CA ~ (a temporary situation, I assure you!)

WOW!! I think I'm in love!!!

Now I know where all the 'good men' have gone! I'm glad to know they are still around and serving our country so proudly!


As a retired officer, who used to be driven by his NCOs, I have the following to say:

Damn if you ain't right again, SGT.

You guys make us officers look good (and smart). I knew there was a reason to let you have your way, son.

A friend of mine recently sent me a Powerpoint Presentation on the difference between Officers and Sergeants. I think you'd enjoy it. I'll send it when I can.

Good job. Press on.


Hooah! I've been out for a while, and dang but it's great to be reminded of the 'real' Army! And my lead drill's name was SFC Harrell. :-)

Thanks for your service and all you guys do.

SFC, USA ret.

A lone voice in the wilderness of this blog says that real men don't have to make lists to show how tough they are. It is seriously scary to think that your list may actually represent a commonly held view in the army.

Notice that the comments from the "sergeant," if he really is one, are illustrated with a cartoon. Sort of reminds me of right after Sept. 11th when Bush was repeating lines from Batman & Robin comic books about crusading against evildoers everywhere. Real life is different. The "sergeant" even cited Baron von Steuben, who'd have fit pretty comfortably into the Village People.

Come to think of it, though, as I look at the performance of the U.S. military in Iraq, maybe the fact that they are losing a war in a devastated country of 25 million people that doesn't even have an organized military opposition is evidence that our military really does think they can run the war out of a comic book. Oh well.

Hmmmm.....wonder why the last two people didn't have the balls to leave a name.....

Anyway, wife of SSG Denton here....as usual, brilliant stuff. List sounds just like my husband. Keep it coming, and most of all stay safe over there....oh, and watch out for my hubby....he and his buds have been taking pics with props of unsuspecting sleeping Joes....don't know who will be next....lol

Never mind them, 4-23 Wife.

The truth is elusive, but out there. Some are so blind, even in the glaring light.

Have faith, seek truth, and know the white noise can't hurt you unless you let it...

Merry Christmas and Keep the Faith...

95B30(p) Airborne MP - Rare as hen's teeth...

For the record, I never said "I" embodied everything in the list. Heck, I'm just an E-5 buck sergeant and have only been in the Army a little over three years. But I have had plenty of time to observe and learn from the experienced sergeants who trained me.

"as I look at the performance of the U.S. military in Iraq, maybe the fact that they are losing a war in a devastated country of 25 million people that doesn't even have an organized military opposition is evidence that our military really does think they can run the war out of a comic book. Oh well."

1. The only people who are losing are the insurgents and the NY Times.

2. Iraq is far from a "devastated" country.

3. Your beliefs are as misguided as your "facts".

"The 'sergeant'" even cited Baron von Steuben, who'd have fit pretty comfortably into the Village People."

In case you weren't aware, it's all the rage these days to insinuate -- or state as "fact", rather -- that every important figure in the history of Western Civilization was homosexual. Anyone who suffered through Oliver Stone's recent preposterous "Alexander" will know what I mean. Ridiculous innuendo like the following seem to be what passes for scholarship these days:


My nephew just got out of the service last summer after serving 6 years. He left as a SSG. A lot of this list is very familar...and cracked me up.

Hang in there Buck Sargent. Those who have been paying attention know we are winning.

Take care and stay safe.

Not "every" important figure was homosexual. But Alexander the Great was at least bisexual. Ditto for Abe Lincoln. Not so for JFK or FDR or Teddy Roosevelt or Thomas Jefferson or Ronald Reagan. As for Baron von Steuben, it would seem that the guy knew his way around the horn, as it were.

Hey, you should read William Manchester's "Goodbye Darkeness" about the USMC's island-hopping war in the South Pacific from 1942-1945. Hilarious tale in there about the grizzled homosexual sergeant. Machnester was a marine and fought on Iwo Jima (or Okinawa, I forget which), so you can't accuse him of being some P.C. faggot. Not only that, but the Marine Corps had a policy of of humane and "culturally sensitive" treatment of those few Japanese P.O.W.s that they captured. It got them good information, as opposed to torturing people like Bush's military has been doing.

As for losing the war, I say the U.S. is losing the war. Bush is getting ready to pull out. It's only a matter of the public relations cover. They're going to say that the Iraqi army is ready to take over, then they'll send half the American troops home and put the rest in the oil fields which is what the whole thing was about from the get-go. You're not fighting for anyone's freedom, you're fighting for a full tank of gas.

Oops some misspellings. It's William Manchester's Goodbye Darkness. And really, the Marine Corps actually DID have a policy AND practice of treating P.O.W.s well -- when they could get 'em to surrender, which wasn't often. Paid big dividends. Torture is notorious for yielding bad information. In a way, that's the ultimate tragedy of the Iraq War. You can kick and scream and beat your chest and scratch your balls all you want, but Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and all the rest is what turbocharged the insurgency.

And for what? Those people who got raped and beaten and perverted were, by and large, either totally innocent goat-herders caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time, or they were low-level footsoldiers with no knowledge of the big picture. They didn't have any information to give. Most of them weren't terroristic or political before they went into the U.S. military prison system, but I'll bet you a bunch of them were political terrorists when they got out.

I know all of this conflicts with that comic book you carry around in your head so you won't care. But think about it the next time you carry off some buddy who just had his legs blown off. It didn't have to happen this way, and it's not The New York Times that's to blame.

my oh my just how bitter can a leftie get?

Here's a simple test: name the only person to recieve the medal of honor in iraq. Can you do that? While Cindy Sheehan gets to publically piss on her son's grave this brave man passes unnoticed.

the American left is pathetic and one only needs to read the last paragraph of Anon's post re: carrying off a buddy to see how thoughtlessly bitter the left has become.

Impotent rage doesn't look go on you lefties.


A marine dad

Hey marine dad I'm not the one in the field. I guess if you and the buck sgt, whoever he is, are okay with losing 2,100 of their comrades dead and 7,400 seriously wounded then who am I to complain, I guess. After all, I like cheap gas as much as the next guy. I really ought to do what so many other people who, and that's slap a yellow ribbon on the car and feel like I've done my part.

So if you guys want to do it, "bring 'em on," as they say. Beats paintball on the weekends and/or National Guard drills once a month, right? But even if I get myself comfortable with the meat grinder like all of you are, then it's really the collateral effects that worry me more. Stuff like more terrorists in Iraq than there were before, and spending something like $400 billion on this thing.

You guys are gung-ho for the blood and guts. Fine, I guess. But I just don't see the returns on the investment. They're not any better off in Iraq now than they were before. They pump less oil this year than they did last year, there's less electricity, there are suicide bombers every day, there's an ongoing and escalating civil war between Sunni and Shia, the Kurds are showing every sign of splitting off, the Iranians are behind a lot of it, the new Iraqi government isn't any better than the old one when it comes to human rights and on and on.

But, then again, you want to believe, and part of believing makes it necessary for you to define non-believers as heretics. Oh well. Have your war then. I just wish you'd pay for it, and I wish it made me safer rather than more likely to be hit by future terrorists who will justify their attack as payback for Abu Ghraib and Gitmo.

By the way, my apologies for framing the war exclusively in terms of my own self-interest, but that's pretty much what it boils down to if the response to any concern about U.S. casualties is essentially, "screw you." Even aside from that, though, in the final analysis wars ARE in fact about self-interest on both personal and national scales. The U.S. doesn't (at least it better not) fight for anyone else but itself.

Step back from the blood and look at it in those terms, and the self-interest doesn't add up. Yes, of course if we bother to invade and occupy the place we're going to squat our overfed asses on their oil fields, but I'm not convinced it was ever really necessary. Saddam was many things, but he was not someone who refused to pump oil. The logic to the whole thing escapes me; there were never any WMD and they knew it, there was no connection to al-Qaeda and they knew it, and "freedom" is a joke and anyone with a third digit in their IQ knows it.

So why are we there? These days it seems to be we're there because we'd lose face by leaving, maybe so much face that someone would come to power and cut off the oil. Helluva note. If that's a good enough reason for you, okay, but again: Pay for it yourselves and keep the nasty consequences away from me. Anyone who says they're doing this for MY freedom should tell me where they got those mushrooms because I'd like some.

Wow, annon, how do you know all of these things? Who died and left you all knowing???

'lissa, not everyone is a dumb robot who believes everything the Faker-in-Chief tells them

Your elitist presumption that everyone who believes in and supports the mission set forth by our COMMANDER-In-Chief is a "dumb robot" is precisely the reason that Democrats keep losing elections in this country. Keep up the good work. A-holes like you are the best thing that could happen to the GOP.
Oh, and Buck, thank you Sergeant. Wilsonkolb and his ilk could learn a thing or two from a true patriot like yourself.

Buck Sargent...Thank you again, I loved your list:)

Aaaah Wilson Kolb again. How many military blogs have banned you now? Have you been keeping track? It seems everywhere I go, there you are spreading cheer and your own version of the truth to those who are serving our country.

First, to Buck... your writing is refreshing, entertaining, and true. It is quite enjoyable to read a young Sergeant's viewpoint that is much like my own as I consider myself one of the "throwbacks" of times gone past. Keep charging and do your job!
Second, I am a former Marine Sergeant (E-5) of 12.5 years, these ideas, although funny in ways are some of the best characteristics of our young leaders, Courage, Commitment, Loyalty, Dependability, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Bearing and the such. I currently serve as a SSG. attached to a Natl. Guard unit in the Army. I will say that I have seen war from both sides of the fence and.. take away the pride of either side... there is no fence! We are all here serving our Commander-in-Chief and the policies of our great country.
Third, I really intended to write a scathing rebuttal to some of these citizens that have such terrible attitudes towards our actions as Soldier's/Marines (don't want to leave out the Navy and Airforce) but find it hard to argue with someone claiming to have an IQ with 3 digits. My simple thoughts are this... I am happy and very proud that you have the right and ability to speak your thoughts... a simple thank you to our forefathers is sufficient. On your "facts" about oil, I seem to recall a stat that says that Iraq produces less than 4% of the world oil... would we as such "gluttons" of oil really concern ourselves with 4% when we actually consume nearly 40% of the worlds production? I also have worked side by side with the new Iraqi army, these men are proud of their accomplishments and though have not attained the level of expertise that the US military has, they well should be. I see them training to undertake a huge mission. I would liken it to a single man walking into the middle of Watts and declaring he is the big man on campus and HE will set the rules... I'm sure you can imagine how well he would be received by the local gangs who are financed by drugs and an endless flow of impoverished and disgruntled people. Much the same with these insurgents, just add the fact that many of them are religious fanatics that would prefer death. (If you lived here, you probably wouldn't blame them!) If by chance that you might think that Sadaam wasn't such a "bad guy" anyway, just because we didn't find any WMD's, maybe you should have a talk with a relative of those he imprisoned.. I assure you that you will have to look long and hard because his policy was not to just execute the nay-sayers, he systematically killed the entire family tree. By the way, I know this because one of my co-workers in civilian life is a survivor of that policy. You have also mentioned that you don't feel any safer now than before... first, you were simply blind before if you weren't scared prior to 9/11, but yet given that... even today I doubt you walk out of your home to pick up your New York Times and sip on your Starbucks mocha latte, that you will look around the corner and expect to see a suicide bomber or an IED on American highways. You had also mentioned that there are more insurgents today than ever before in Iraq... did you ever stop and think that it might be a good thing? Maybe if they are over here fighting us, then they are too busy to drop a bomb in the middle of the mall you happen to be standing in while shopping for your designer clothes! Be thankful, that's all we ask in America's military... a thank you. P.S. A copy of the New York Times and a Starbucks mocha latte would be much appreciated over here... maybe you could take a few minutes out of your day to send one to a military member here? Nah... didn't think so! Semper Fi!

You anonymice are so off the deep end I don't even know where to start. Suffice it to say, zero of what you claimed is actually true in the real world as lived here daily in Iraq. It is only true in the world of make-believe propagated by yellow journalism like the NY Times and lefty websites like dailykos. It's hard to blame you, if you haven't been here, how could you possibly know that 90% of what you read in the mainstream news in pure BS?

The problem is, hundreds of thousands of soldiers have now rotated through this war over the past few years and eventually return home to tell the truth about what they saw and did over here. Their families and friends know the truth, even if their oblivious neighbors and classmates look down their noses at them.

The Democratic Party has quite a reckoning coming to them over the next year and a half, and they don't even realize the depth of the political grave they've already begun to dig.

Why any military veteran would even consider aligning themselves with a party or a liberal philosophy that slanders them every chance they get, I will never understand.

Just remember, your fantasy world has consequences in the real one. And those consequences have names and lives and futures. I've met them and laughed with them and broken bread with them. They're decent people and deserve better than to be abandoned in their time of need. Call us what you want, but we know what it is we're doing here. At least be honest about what it is you truly care about: Yourself.

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BTW, I cannot possibly take anyone seriously who honestly believes that Abe Lincoln was "gay". That's sure as hell news to 150 years of professional biography. And I suppose Jesus was a transgendered lesbian trapped in the Son of God's body.

This really is an argument for another time, but after all those comments I feel like picking a fight:

There is NO SUCH THING AS "BEING GAY." It is not a lifestyle choice, it is not an identity, it is not an immutable status or protected class. It is nothing more and nothing less than a sexual behavior. Can someone be "gay" without ever having engaged in homosexual behavior? Of course not, because engaging in that behavior is precisely what the label refers to. Consider the statement: "I'm a married man with 3 children and I've never engaged in homosexual behavior nor do I plan to. But I'm gay."

Perhaps that person has had homosexual thoughts, yet refused to act on them. Is he then gay against his own will?

Perhaps someone has thoughts of committing a crime, yet thinks better of it and does not follow through. Is he a thief and a criminal regardless of his actions to the contrary, simply because he contemplated the act? Of course not. To do so is to deny human free will and approaches the level of Orwell's "thought crime".

Yet this ridiculous litany of people "denying their true identity" is spouted constantly by those attempting to mainstream such deviant behavior, but the bottom line is that the only thing that can label a person gay is themselves by engaging in said behavior and claiming it as their "identity".

If that's what they choose to do, fine. But they have no right to demand instant recognition and acceptance from a society and culture that has believed otherwise for millennia.

If we as a society let this one slide, then where do we draw the line? Could ANY traditional values be held sacred for long? NAMBLA and their legions of pedophiles would be flooding the halls of Congress, with polygamists, kleptomaniacs, and every other group with chronic excuses for their warped behavior lined up right behind them.

A line has to be drawn somewhere. I say draw it right smack in the middle of the cornerstone of civilized Western society: Marriage and the family.

How's that for totally unrelated rants?

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

There's a good case to be made that Lincoln was at least bisexual. Of course, it would require you to read books. And before you attempt that, I'd suggest that you read your own blog. I never wrote, nor did I imply, that Lincoln was "gay." Walt Whitman was what we'd call "gay," but not Lincoln.

A line has to be drawn somewhere. I say draw it right smack in the middle of the cornerstone of civilized Western society: Marriage and the family.
Bravo! Damn those queers in San Francisco who invented homosexuality in 1966. It's a plot, I'll tell you!

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Where do these anonymous idiots come from, anyhow?

You gotta love them for their consistent idiocy though. I especially like the one who said the Democrats have done a piss-poor job and picked terrible candidates. The reason they're so piss-poor and terrible is because they think just like him!

I sent your list to my favorite SSG in Iraq; I know he'll love it. I bet this shows up in a lot of places before long. You don't seriously think a Retro would hold a woman's purse, do you? Every one I've ever known would recoil from one like it was full of dogsh*t. And while we're comparing Retros and Metros: 1)A Metro will tell you, you have a cute figure. A Retro will tell you, you have a great ass and slap it. :)

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To all milblog trolls:

If you have something even vaguely intelligent or clever to add, or a dissenting opinion to interject, then by all means, fire away. However, this milblog will not be fodder for your insane leftwing rantings nor free advertising space for your own websites.

If your post is barely distinguishable from randomly generated blog spam, it will be removed by me. Either take the time to craft an opinion or comment utilizing reasoned logic (I know, kryptonite to some of you) and "facts" that are actually true and not just infinitely repeated disinformation or liberal talking points, or else try and do something more productive with your time.


Buck sgt.'s a coward. As soon as someone disagrees with him, just like any other rightwingnut he deletes their comments. Iraq's a great place for him, because over there he can not only delete the comments but he can delete the people. All in the name of freedom, natch.

Buck- I'm sorry to use your page as a forum for my own rantings but I really wanted to rebut. You are exceptional at what you do and please continue to blog away, you have a new reader.

Anonymous- I did some checking of facts and based on the following web page (http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0872964.html) I figured that you were correct... partially... Iraq is actually the 4th largest oil reserve in the world, however still only holds less than 10% of the reserves... I believe my info actually came from the oil that was being pumped. So I stand corrected... and so do you.

Of course I would love to refer to you by name but you seem to have so many opinions that you fail to have any time to actually own up to them. I am not political and have never claimed to be, I'm not some dumb chump that dropped out of high school to get the only job he could find in the Corps. I would venture to say that I am fairly well travelled (12 countries) and know a bit about world climate from being there 1st hand. I'm just an average joe that tends to care enough about this world to try and do something instead of sit back and criticize all those that ARE doing something.

Now, first... there was no lie in my previous post... it is my opinion and differs from yours, I have a basis for mine and have given fairly good facts to back it up... yours I have not heard that.

Second, thanks for your support for all of the thanks you have sent... kudos to you; although it seems obvious you are doing it for some other reason than a heartfelt thanks to the troops. Who are you REALLY trying to impress since you obviously don't like the military unless we are a bunch of mindless pukes doing YOUR bidding?

I can't believe you have a triple digit IQ now, since your past statement that I "Apparenly you hate freedom -- and your country -- ". Are you insane? I have never been so repulsed by a comment in my life! How DARE you sit in your easy chair and say words like that to ANY military member!! The only ones I would even allow to THINK that, would be my brothers and sisters in arms (and if they ever said it standing near me, they had better run)!!

Third, (and most important) what freedoms are you afraid of losing to terrorists? Do you really think they are going to change our Constitution or Bill of Rights? Regardless... are you really nieve enough to think that they will just go away if we just leave them alone? Your ignorance on the subject is sickening! You have no concept of what a jihad is!!

Do us all a favor... save your political rants and take this site for what it is... a blog, a chance to express yourself in a way never possible before. Revel in the liberties you are afforded by our great country and the men and women that have fought and died for it, regardless the fight. This forum is a celebration of them and current heros. I will never censor another American, it would go against everything I believe. But if you feel the need to respond with more political banter, please use your OWN site for that. (Note that I never once have given a "political" view here!)

From: "Wilson Kolb" wilsonkolb@comcast.net

Subject: Not Surprised
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 18:28:48 -0800

You're a sniveling coward. You hate freedom, you hate your country.

Regarding Wilson Kolb's gracious e-mail to you Buck Sargent, you know what my 8th grade teacher used to say? "Takes one to call one."
I guess if the shoe fits, he'll have to wear it!!!

I'll bet he didn't expect you to share his e-mail address! ;) hehe

Take care Sgt.

Hey B,
Good stuff. Your insight is great and inspiring. I like the nod to "Nilbog." Very nice.
This Wilson Kolb tool has got quite the timespan to be sitting at a computer all day on sites that spout the truth.
Funny how the morons opposed to the truth always seem to seek it out and fight with it rather than start their own site with their own b.s.
Wilson, from another SGT in the US ARMY and proud paratrooper, get bent and stay bent. You are a thorn in the side of democracy and in dire need of plucking.
Preach on brotha Buck!

This is the first time I ever been to this site and I am now an instant fan. I loved this list! It is every bit as masculine as I am feminine. Just where can I get one of these NCO's?
Too bad that my nearest military base is Air Force. Maybe I should think about moving :-)


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